Solving Complex Socio-Industrial System Challenges

SBX Technologies Corp. provides solutions to complex socio-industrial problems using Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ Machine Learning(ML), IoT/sensor network, and model-based simulation technique. With a proven track record in biomedical industry, we have established our expertise in solving issues involving highly complex systems and technical basis spanning from artificial intelligence and machine learning to data analysis and model-based simulation. We use our expertise to solve problems pertinent to industrial and societal issues including, but not limited to mobility, logistics, industry 4.0, and related issues that are critical to our society.

Our Strengths

Industries Redefined.
Combining the best in class Technology, Design, Science and Engineering along with Machine learning and AI techniques.
Machine learning and Artificial intelligence
We combine the latest in Machine leanring and AI to provide novel solutions to customer specific problems. We have expertise in applying there techniques on all modalities of data(text, image, video and numbers)
Big Data, Connectivity and Analytics
Our platform technologies empower connectivity and automation of complex workflows in industry relevant applications. We have experience in dealing with big data and performing real time intelligence/ analytics on them.
Robust Engineering at Scale
Our engineering capabilities allow us to build end-to-end scalable solutions which help our clients translate complex machine learning and AI workflows to production easily.
IoT and Logistics
Internet of Things (IOT), Edge computing and Fog computing expertise along different industry verticals such as Logistics, Agriculture, Healthcare, Mobility and Material Informatics using our technologies.
Software and Hardware research
Our research and engineering teams are highly experienced in the convergence of hardware and software technologies.
Technology Consulting
We help large corporations tackle their challlenging problems using the latest technologies.
Healthcare, Biomedicine and Pharma
Deep expertise in application of technology and engineering solutions to Healthcare and Pharma domain.
Automotive/ Mobility
Helping our clients end to end analytics engine for Autonomous driving cars.
Empowering Life Experiences through Technology Engineering Science Design

Our Technologies


Connectivity and automation platform


Text analytics and intelligence platform


Generic Machine learning and intelligence platform

Our Team

Samik Ghosh, PhD.

President and CEO

Extensive background in networks and telecommunication , modeling in systems biology, drug discovery, software development and start-up experience in USA. He is also a Senior Researcher at The Systems Biology Institute, Tokyo and serves as the CTO of SBX Corporation leading the software development effort of computational platform (Ghosh, Nature Reviews Genetics 2011), device consultancy and drug discovery pipeline consultancy. He received his Bachelors in Technology from India in 2001, MS and PhD in Computer Sciences from The University of Texas at Arlington in 2004 and 2007 respectively, where his reseach focused on computational modeling of biological systems.

Yukiko Matsuoka


Decades of experience in project management, quality control and operations in the software/IT industry (including Lotus) and served as chief administrative officer for RoboCup. She is also a Senior Researcher at The Systems Biology Institute, Tokyo, where she leads the platform development for systems biology such as CellDesigner (biochemical, gene regulatory pathway editor), and Payao (online pathway curation platform). She has been an active member of the standardization of SBGN (=systems biology graphical notation) and, working closely with biologists, has built large scale disease models. She received her B.A. in liberal arts from International Christian University, Japan.


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Tokyo Office
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